What’s All the Hype About Raw Hair?

Over the last several years, raw hair has risen in hair extension popularity.  But what is raw hair?  What makes it better?  Is it worth the investment?  We’ll break it all down, dispel the myths and even give you some raw hair care tips!

But first, what is Raw Hair?

Raw hair is the best hair on the market!  It is 100% unprocessed and each bundle is collected from a single individual.  The hair comes in a very pure and natural state, it is not chemically treated to achieve a specific look or texture.  Therefore, each bundle may have slight differences.  Hair cuticles are always intact and aligned.  This prevents shedding and tangling.  Raw hair is long-lasting and with proper care, the hair can have great longevity.  You can essentially treat raw hair as your own!  It can even be bleached and colored (but please use a professional).  Its natural luster and shine blend well with various ethnicities.   

How should you care for Raw Hair?

As mentioned, you can and should treat raw hair as your own.  It loves a little TLC!  Since the hair is unprocessed, you must retain moisture in it.  Clean the hair weekly, gently rubbing shampoo and conditioner in the direction of the hair shaft. Never rub or mangle the hair.  Detangle with a gentle paddle brush in sections.  It’s best to air dry the hair,  but if needed, use a low dryer setting. Leave in conditioners are great as well!  Using light oils throughout the week (sparingly) can assist with keeping the hair in a great state. Raw hair is an investment so you have to care for it well! 

What are the best products for Raw Hair?

Using the right products is key!  The wrong products can easily diminish the longevity of raw hair.  It is important to use moisturizing products that are more natural and free from sulfates, and certain alcohols such as denat, ethanol, SD alcohol 40, propanal, isopropyl, and propyl.  Leave-in conditioners are great as well!  Using light oils throughout the week works best.  However, you may benefit from using heavier serums and conditioning creams sparingly when needed, especially in drier months.  

Product Recommendations?

Some of our favorite product lines are Design Essentials, E’tae, and DreamGirls hair.  These products are formulated to provide moisture and replenish the hair.  They’re also highly recommended for hair extensions.  Here are some specific products we love for raw hair:

Design Essentials Almond & Avocado Moisture Line

Design Essentials Wigs & Extensions Conditioning Shampoo

Design Essentials Wigs & Extensions Thermal Serum

E’Tae Ultimate Bundle

Dream Girls Shampoo & Conditioner Bundle

Ouai Hair Oil

Moroccan Oil Light 

Overall, raw hair is wonderful! It’s high quality, luxurious and long lasting! But you do have to handle it with care. Just because it’s a premium  hair, doesn’t mean you can install it and forget it. Be selective in the products you use and it will be very good to you!